Thursday, 2 February 2017

KEEW playlist: February 1, 2017 – power metal(?)

In the spirit of keeping the listeners (or perhaps mostly ourselves?) entertained, Adam and Laura have decided to put together some genre-focused Kill Eat Exploit the Weak episodes in 2017. For some reason, the metal genre we decided to start with is POWER METAL.

If you listened to the show this week, you'll know we present this power metal feature with a strong disclaimer: this is not a list of "essential" or the "best" or "most influential" power metal songs/albums/bands - or any other supposedly objective ranking of power metal recordings. It's just our favourite power metal(ish) songs - or at least our favourites that we could remember and had on hand when we put the show together, alongside some picks meant to highlight some of the contemporary power metal coming out of Canada.

That said, we challenge you not to play air drums or guitar, raise a fist in the air, and belt out these choruses as you celebrate the awesomeness and ridiculousness that makes power metal what it is.

Feb 1/2, 2017

Blind GuardianNightfall in Middle-EarthThe Curse of Feanor
SavatageHall of the Mountain KingHall of the Mountain King
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys, Part IIEagle Fly Free
MasterplanMasterplanSail On
BorealisWorld of SilenceWorld of Silence
Sonata ArcticaSilenceWolf & Raven
Wuthering HeightsFar From The Maddening CrowdThe Road Goes Ever On
MerkabahUbiquityDivine Sparks
KamelotThe Black HaloMarch of Mephisto
Iced EarthHorror ShowDracula
Crimson ShadowsSails of DestinyFreedom and Salvation
Unleash the ArchersTime Stands StillTonight We Ride
Eclipse ProphecyDays of JudgementThrough the Storm
ManowarFighting the WorldBlack Wind, Fire and Steel
HammerfallCrimson ThunderHearts on Fire
GloryhammerSpace 1992: Rise Of The Chaos WizardsQuestlords Of Inverness, Ride To The Galactic Fortress!
Jag PanzerThe Fourth JudgmentFuture Shock
Dream EvilDragonslayerThe Chosen Ones
AvantasiaLost In Space Part ILost In Space
EdguyAge of the JokerTwo Out of Seven

Sunday, 29 January 2017

KEEW playlists: December 2016 and January 2017

Keep your eyes open for some changes to Kill Eat Exploit the Weak's online presence in the near future. CFMU has some major digital media updates in the works, and along with the rest of the shows airing on 93.3 FM, we'll be sharing in the benefits.

In the meantime, here's a rundown of the last couple of months on KEEW. If you tuned in over the holidays you will have noted a few reruns... We decided to take some time off so we could come back re-energized and excited for the new year. So far, seems like it was a good call.

In reverse order...

January 25/26, 2017

Traitorbandcamp singleHeirlooms of a Calloused Age
Death PerceptionWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 4Stomach for a Spine
SpewgoreWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 1The Ride
CetaceaLost in a Corridor of SandLost in a Corridor of Sand
Mammoth SeedEPDon't Take Me There
DemocideCulling the Weak and Deceived DemoNormalcy Bias
Suicidal TendenciesLights, Camera, RevolutionYou Can't Bring Me Down
DanzigIII: How the Gods KillHow the Gods Kill
PanteraVulgar Display of PowerHollow
BiohazardState of the World AddressLove Denied
VoivodOuter LimitsLe Pont Noir
Psycho CircusScarredPulsate
Blu BonesSinkOnce in a While
Monster Voodoo MachineSuffersystemBastard Is As Bastard Does
VargaPrototypeSelf-Proclaimed Messiah
AnnihilatorSet the World on FireSnake in the Grass
Alice in ChainsFaceliftConfusion
Iron MaidenFear of the DarkFear of the Dark
Mercyful FateMelissaMelissa
MetallicaAnd Justice for AllDyers Eve
EntombedWolverine BluesHollowman
CemetaryGodless BeautyAnd Julie Is No More

January 18/19, 2017

AncressVictoria/JeiuniumAs Trumpets Fade
MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom SathanasPagan Fears
InquisitionBloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial ZenithVortex From the Celestial Flying Throne of Storms
AlcestKodamaJe Suis D'Ailleurs
the bodyNo One Deserves HappinessShelter Is Illusory
SepulturaMachine MessiahI Am The Enemy
TerrifierWeapons of Thrash DestructionNuclear Demolisher
ThronThronSatan's Speech
EmptinessNot for MusicYour Skin Won't Hide You
AshenspireSpeak Not Of The Laudanum QuandaryThe Wretched Mills
Pain of SalvationIn the Passing Light of DayReasons
DawnbringerXXNorth by North
DioThe Last in LineThe Last in Line
ScorpionsBlackoutNo One Like You
SpellFor None and AllMadame Psychosis
StrikerArmed to the TeethLet It Burn
Into EternityBuried in OblivionEmbraced by Desolation
Untimely DemiseSystematic EradicationSpiritual Embezzlement
CHTHE'ILISTLe Dernier CrépusculeInto The Vaults Of Ingurgitating Obscurity
BloodbathBreeding DeathOmnious Bloodvomit

January 11/12, 2017

Men To WolvesOn This DayThe Show
AncressVictoria JeiuniumEmbraced
Jupiter HollowOdysseyHades Hearts
PhobocosmBringer of DroughtTidal Scourge
CastleWelcome to the GraveyardFlash of the Pentagram
ThrawsunblatMetachthoniaHypochthonic Remnants
GorgutsPleiades DustPleiades' Dust
CauldronIn RuinCorridors of Dust
Vile CreatureA Pessimistic DoomsayerA Pessimistic Doomsayer
StrikerStand in the FirePhoenix Lights
Blood CeremonyLord of MisruleThe Rogue's Lot
AnciientsVoice of the VoidSerpents
Devin Townsend ProjectTranscendenceFailure


December 14/15, 2016

KISSDestroyerGod of Thunder
OdiumWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 4Dead
AyahuascaYinWhite Ship
Witches from EverywhereSplit with DeceiverHark the Herald
AnciientsVoice of the VoidPentacle
In The WoodsPureDevil's At the Door
Harakiri for the SkyIII: TraumaThe Traces We Leave
Oceans of SlumberWinterTurpentine
40 Watt SunWider Than The SkyBeyond You
Cult of Luna & Julie ChristmasMarinerA Greater Call
Devin Townsend ProjectTranscendenceOffer Your Light
SubRosaFor This We Fought the Battle of AgesTroubled Cells
IhsahnArktis.Celestial Violence
Trees of EternityHour of the NightingaleMy Requiem
Omnium GatherumGrey HeavensFrontiers
InsomniumWinter's GateWinter's Gate, part 2

December 7/8, 2016

The Lion's Daughter7" split with Nights Like TheseAs the Sick Dream
DioThe Very Beast of DioThe Last in Line
Judas PriestDefenders of the FaithThe Sentinel
WhitesnakeWhitesnakeCrying in the Rain
MetallicaMaster of PuppetsBattery
MegadethSo Far So Good So WhatSet the World Afire
Cardinals PrideThose People Will Never DieRefracted
Mountain DustDemos 2013My Gut My God
Flying FortressDirty RainDirty Rain
FlidaisKazador Pinnacle
Dead ConspiracyDead Conspiracy Crawling Dread
KratornasDevoured by DamnationArchangels of Destruction
Abigail (w/Lustrum)Too Wild for the Crowd split 7" Satan Power Unholy War
InvertiaThe Biddings of Tyrants Scatter
Circle of DustMachines of Our Disgrace altHuman
Blood CeremonyLord of MisruleFlower Phantoms
Dream AriaReverbNation singleOn the Other Side
Luciferian Light OrchestraBlack EPSerpent Messiah
The Night WatchBoundariesBoundaries (edit)
AbbathAbbathOcean of Wounds
In the Woods...PurePure
In the Woods...PureMystery of the Constellations

November 30/December 1, 2016

AncressVictoria/JeiuniumA Mother's Love
OldeShallow GravesThe Turning Master
SoulstormFall of the Rebel AngelsInterwoven
Hollow EarthDead PlanetHarbinger of Existence
BolzerHeroThe Archer
WitcheryIn His Infernal Majesty's ServiceNosferatu
Death PerceptionDeath PerceptionStomach for a Spine
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionElusive Psychological Reverence
Act of SinSingleBroken Wing Syndrome
LeprousLive At Rockefeller Music HallSlave
Worm OuroborosWhat Graceless DawnBroken Movements
The Sun Through A TelescopeBlack Hole SmileWorm(hole)s
Without FateWithout FateWe Are Blind
MalacodaRitualis Aeterna EPPenny Dreadful
Skid RowB-Side OurselvesC'mon and Love Me
Lords of BlackIIInnuendo
Jupiter HollowOdyssey EPDeep In Space
TrollwarsingleOmens of Victory
DecadawnSolitary ConfinementTake You There